The Story

Want to throw yourself into the fray headfirst and blind? No? Continue.

Dirge is set in the Omniverse, the logical ultimate of our form of reality. Whatever that can be, must. Nothing exists outside the Omniverse, and the Omniverse contains all things. A vast and possibly infinite place.

Among the many universes, only a handful of groups know of this and operate at a scale to match the size of creation. The Utopians, a collective of people hellbent on liberating the Omniverse, see fit to change the status quo and fight anyone in their way. Using logic and reason, with a unifying philosophy of ethics which transcends personal beliefs, they intend to actually make a difference. A revolutionary idea, backed by the Councils, the Colleges, the Guilds, and the people. With the power of all knowledge, of science and magic, they can do it, too.

But time in its depths unknown has yielded powers of a devastating caliber.
There is a question that lies in wait, a truth they can’t see.

Porter, a godkiller for the Eidolons, is out of the job. Christopher, a Magus in the Guild, has him a new one, but with motives questionable. Kendall, a failing student at the Monastery, has to deal with secrets he never wanted. Anna, her entire life just fell apart, leaving her bereft. And Doran, he awakens. Each of these people, connected as members of the Omniversal Utopian Commonwealth are helpless to the dark truth closing in. Not even the artificial intelligence, Aku, keeper of all Utopian power, can stop the Ouroboros.

It’s not a new dawn. The light is dying. Hold your breath and go gently.

Dirge is Speculative Fiction, featuring heavy Fantasy and SciFi elements, with an Epic scope. Four cantos, which span Phase One and then culminate with the end of our main character’s story. Language, violence, and disturbing content.

This story has now been written to completion. I wrote it for my own enjoyment, and it’s been great. It’s been a personal journey and something I wanted to share. Thanks to every reader. Your number in my stats brings a smile to my face.

On that note, the story is not finished yet. Dirge has a successor named:

Chosen Shackles

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