The known Omniverse and expanded canon of Dirge is years in the making and vast. Locations, characters, and links. A growing connectedness. Dozens of contributions and novels worth of amazing history. Here I’ll attempt to collect these works from across the web and present them to you.



This is the setting of a Dirge collaborator, Moonfeather. You can see their work HERE. I would recommend it. This story takes greater freedoms, focusing on what Dirge tends to forget. Gods, spirit vapor, superheroes. Slice of life!? The fantastical Omniverse’s freedom of concept. Do check it out.


The many canonized and fully realized locations in the Omniverse. Each has been written in. A great history in old games and stories. Many characters from here, too many to count. But, we’ll list a bunch below with full, shiny profiles.


This list will be expanded as we track down and polish old profiles. Lots of contributors with rich histories are here. I’m very pleased with the works undertaken and hope it will continue to grow with your contribution. Any of these characters can appear in Dirge. For now, if you’d like to apply, comment.

This section is a work in progress. Any applications at this stage are guaranteed their characters may appear in Dirge. Restrictions apply.

Entity: Doran
Tier: 0

Appearing mid to lower twenties, black skinned. Tall and wearing pulled back dreads. Later shaved. Strong, thick facial features and musculature. Brown eyes and black hair.
Summon of Kendall Blackthorne possessing unknown capabilities. Apparently unaging. Has knowledge of metaphysics and has demonstrated unknown magical techniques. Risk assessment high.
Moral complex present and highly developed. Analytical, philosophical tendencies. Driven by unknown goals, strong convictions. Possible manic depressive. Dissassociative condition. Risk assessment medium.

Author: Shaeor


Entity: Kendall Blackthorn
Tier: 0-5

A mid-twenties white male with long brown hair, expressive brown eyes. Fair, European features, and a thin build, reserved posture.
A former student of Master Cobb, then disciple to Porter. A study of magical law and summoning. Kendall possesses four summons and has practiced with pre-made spell cards, attempting to diversify his talents. Has struggled in school but he is a promising applicant for the Guild. Risk assessment low.
Kendall believes in having a will to power, with a distaste for moralizing. Under-considered decisions have led to a guilt-complex which they attempt to suppress. A continual process of converting inner anger, to outer. Risk assessment medium-high. Will disregard safety protocols in pursuit of achievement.

Author: Shaeor




Use the comments below, or this email (dirgewriter at gmail) to submit characters using the format above. They can be considerably longer than those by me, which use the context of the site.  We’re looking to expand the mythos.

Entire stories and settings may be submitted as well. If you make a submission, it must be your own character or work. Email me. Current collaborators are:



And many more small contributors. We believe no other setting offers more freedom than a multiverse. It makes for big, fantastic stories. And a goal of Dirge has been to connect readers and writers who enjoy it. To build something.

I’ve had fun. Thanks for reading and enjoying.


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