Dirge features a setting of nearly limitless depth. So, I can’t expound on every detail within the writing. What instead I try to focus on are the logical underpinnings which bind the Omniverse together into a cohesion. If something wasn’t clear, I’ll try to answer any question you might have, here. Think of it as an F.A.Q. page, in fact, let’s just do this…


F.A.Q. IT!


What is The Omniverse?

The Omniverse is ‘omni’ all, universes and multiverses. It contains within it all possible variations on events, excluding impossibilities. For example, a square circle. But I try not to put limitations on things. Maybe an eldritch abomination could make a square circle? Who knows. Just about all genres are considered possible, with an eye towards plausibility placed more on the individual work, instead of the assumptions behind them.

I do not plan on featuring universes like Star Wars in Dirge canon, though it does exist somewhere. The universes and characters featured are either of my own creation or from a collaboration with friendly sources. Any relations to persons living or dead are coincidental.

Who Are These People?

Heroes and villains. We’ve got demons, Magi, cosmic beings, elementals, ghosts, and General Artificial Intelligence. I only hope you find them suitable. If there’s a character you would like to see join in the fun, by all means, speak up. The story of Dirge is not pre-written, and I read each and every comment, so your voice is heard.

Your characters are welcome as well, of course.

Chapters and Content?

Dirge will update at least once weekly, and the word count per chapter typically averages just under two thousand words. My output varies, but the posting time will remain constant as 12:01am, Saturdays. I don’t intend on ever missing a post, but what that means is that chapters may be shorter as I’m a relatively undisciplined writer.

On the note of content, how about this. I don’t care. The story will go where it will go and I have zero qualms about difficult subjects. That being said, you shouldn’t expect pointless eroticism, just the same as you shouldn’t expect me to spend a whole chapter describing someone being ripped to shreds. There’s just no point to that kind of excessiveness. Everything in moderation.

With my loose restrictions in mind, the story direction is decidedly dark.

Reader Interactivity!

Interested in writing with me? If you’re a talented writer and understand the limitations present, you could have your story canonized! If written to completion and accepted, your writing would be posted in increments on the main page and added to the recognized universe. If that’s not really your thing, you can also post Original Characters to be canonized which can then show up in the main storyline. OC’s are awesome.

Additionally, I love art and may at some point do some for Dirge. If you don’t want to do any of this, just know the comments is a place for anybody who can read and your comments are always read.

Restrictions apply, no lewd content tolerated, no unoriginal ideas.

There’s now a page for the known Omniverse, here.

Who Is Shaeor?

I’m a fiction writer who loves original thinking. I also write political and philosophical things. Make arty stuff on paper and digital mediums. And! am looking to make an exciting and simple video game idea a reality, because why not. I have hobbies.

I’m open to making money with my fiction, but I write for the sake of writing.

Who Did Your Banner?

It was done by the wonderful Skraww. Her website and DeviantArt. I would definitely recommend her. She does lovely landscapes.

 What’s With These Pages?

The Contents page is the table of contents but was named contents because I wanted all of the page names to be the same length. It looks so pretty now!

The The Story page features some general information in an ‘About’ page style. Description and information on intended length.

The Omnibus! page details all of the incredible work that’s been done in the connected setting of Dirge. A map is here, as well as a listing of all characters and fictions. It’s a constant work in progress.

You can contact me in the comments, which I would prefer, but alternatively (and for finished submissions) you can reach me at dirgewriter(at)

I think that about covers everything.

If you’d like, start reading here.


2 thoughts on “Confused

  1. Yo, I read your post on the collaboration thread on WFG and it has left me intrigued. I’m starting a new serial project soon, and I wouldn’t mind working with someone in a shared universe. I was already planing on using the ominverse concept for it, and the omniverse you built may work with it.

    I’m only interested in working on a long term serial though.


    1. Hey there, Moonfeather. Great to hear from you.

      You should shoot me an email (dirgewriter@gmail) and tell me what you have in mind. We’ll need to discuss our individual ideas and see where they could intersect or merge. Where they are compatible. I’m still in the process of reading what’s available on your site. I’m curious as to what you mean by long-term serial.

      It’s a promising prospect. Hopefully, we can work it out to our mutual benefit 🙂


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